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Our years of experience serving Western New York have earned us a highly-regarded reputation for excellent service; however, it is our ability to evolve employee assistance programming according to the most current, evidence based practice that sets us apart in the local industry. LOG IN FOR YOUR COMPLETE SUITE OF SERVICES


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Program Overview

Child & Family Services is proud of our 40+ year history of making proactive, comprehensive, personal, and cost-effective employee assistance programming available to the Western New York community. Child & Family Services EAP helps employers support their employees with the understanding that individual and family wellness leads to positive impacts on workplace productivity and contributes to overall community health and resilience. Child & Family Services is the only local EAP, and one of only a few national programs, that operates in accordance with the principles of Trauma-Informed Care. This means that we emphasize trust, collaboration, and transparency in all interactions with you and your employees and that all services will be offered in a safe and accessible manner. Child & Family Services EAP offers a range of highly rated organizational and employee supports including EAP counseling, coaching, work-life resources, seminars, trainings, organizational consultations, 24-hour crisis counseling and Critical Incident Response (CIR). Our core team includes licensed counselors, certified mediators, and certified health and wellness coaches who apply the principles of their respected disciplines to better employees physical, emotional and mental health. We are a dynamic, growing program, currently serving over 130 organizations and more than 30,000 employees. Working with C&FS EAP, one of the largest human services organizations with deep roots in the Western New York service delivery networks means that your organization and your employees have streamlined access to a vast network of stakeholders, programs and resources, with coordinated support.

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Factors considered: absenteeism, medical costs, litigation, productivity, turnover, accidents, and short and long-term disability. Based on an assumed 20% of employees struggling at a given time.

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