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Our years of experience serving Western New York have earned us a highly-regarded reputation for excellent service; however, it is our ability to evolve employee assistance programming according to the most current, evidence based practice that sets us apart in the local industry. LOG IN FOR YOUR COMPLETE SUITE OF SERVICES


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Program Overview

Since 1981 Child and Family Services’ Employee Assistance Program (C&FS EAP) has been providing our clients a proactive, comprehensive and cost-effective EAP benefit focused on maximizing an employer’s human capital. We are proud to be a local EAP and look forward to serving as the optimal first-line response for your company.

Our core team includes licensed counselors, certified mediators, and certified health and wellness coaches who apply the principles of their respected disciplines to better employees’ physical, emotional and mental health.

But EAP is NOT just for employees…..

We also work directly with company stakeholders to deliver assessment, training and consultation to optimize organizational performance and decrease the impact of problems that arise in the workplace. Managerial consultations are available to anyone in your company who oversees others, offering access to confidential guidance on dealing with sensitive issues.  Should a critical incident occur, EAP clinicians are immediately available to your team to help provide a trauma-informed response.

We do not take a “one-size-fits-all” approach, and are known for working with our clients to create the most effective programming available. Our Account Manager will work with you individually to design an implementation plan based on your company’s current and future needs.


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Factors considered: absenteeism, medical costs, litigation, productivity, turnover, accidents, and short and long-term disability. Based on an assumed 20% of employees struggling at a given time.

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