Promoting EAP – ToolKit

Promoting EAP – ToolKit

C&FS EAP firmly believes in the correlation between onsite promotion and utilization. The key to the success of our program is its visibility.  We rely on the relationships we have with organizational leadership to help us promote events and services.  

Here are Six Tips to Promoting EAP and increasing utilization of our services:

1. Have promotional materials on hand and in the workplace, visible to all.  Here are links to printable flyers that you could print when needed. If the information here does not meet your needs, please contact us and we will be able to customize promotional materials for you.  

Printable Flyers and Posters:

Flyer: Summary of Services

Flyer: Confidentiality – How C&FS EAP Protects Your Information


Also, please reach out to or call us at 716-681-4300 if you need additional supplies of wallet cards, magnets, posters, flyers or pans.  We will send them out to you to support your promotional efforts.

2. Share the Orientation Video below to staff routinely or post on an internal message board.  We have two options here that can be shared anytime!  Also, when you have a group of people who are gathered for any reason, contact us and request that and EAP staff member present a more detailed orientation “live” via Zoom or in-person.  Email or call to request:, 716-681-4300.

Quick Start Guide – 3 minutes

3. Share monthly event emails, including reminders and invite staff to join our complimentary events, including educational programming, screening events and other community programs.  Each month is different, and you will receive an email outlining the complimentary events that month, or you can find the updated events information here: Events Page.  These emails are sent to anyone in your organization who has identified themselves as a Main Liaison or Newsletter recipient.  Please let us know when the contacts need to be updated.

4. Your standard organization includes 4 presentation credits where you are able to bring EAP presentations or trainings to employees. Please feel free to review the Employee Presentations, where you will find information about how this program could help support your organization. These are specific presentations for your employees. To schedule, please reach out to or call 716-681-4300 and discuss your needs with an EAP staff member today.

5. Review and share a wellness video or two from our webinar collection on wellness topics that you think would benefit them.  Take a look at the webinar collection here and choose a video to email or post for staff to view at their convenience: Webinars.

6. Leaders at your organization are vital to supporting staff, and we want them to understand how EAP can support them.  Our supervisory training will introduce your managers and supervisors to EAP and how they can use it as a tool for management. We have general live supervisory trainings scheduled regularly on zoom. Our staff is also available to join your leadership at a meeting to present live via Zoom or in-person. Leaders are often the first to detect performance issues that may be related to personal challenges. The primary focus of this training is: educating supervisors about identifying employee concerns, conducting constructive conversations, developing resilient teams, and informal, formal and mandated EAP referrals.

Supervisor Training – 14 minutes

Please contact us if you would like to discuss your promotional strategy!

  • EAP Staff Phone: Main: 716-681-4300 E-mail: [javascript protected email address]