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As brokers and business leaders, we know you understand what it means to build and protect relationships in Western New York. We believe in the advantages C&FS EAP offers your clients and employees. C&FS EAP currently serves over 29,000 employees, working in over 120 businesses and organizations. We are proud to partner with our members, include West Herr, ECC, NFTA, Mental Health Association, People Incorporated as well as many towns and school districts! Call today and learn more.

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Let’s partner for a better Buffalo. When you choose Child and Family Services EAP, you’re not only choosing the best service providers– you’re linking with your neighbors in a web of economic and social relationships.

Research shows that the personal concerns of employees can cause employers a great deal of loss. Having a well developed and responsive Employee Assistance Program mitigates that loss.

A properly utilized EAP can result in reductions of:

  • 30 percent in lost time
  • 69 percent in accident and sick pay
  • 50 percent in grievances and 70 percent in accidents

Still, Employee Assistance Programs can be easily overlooked!  Those who have worked closely with us know that an C&FS EAP is a huge asset.  Our high-touch/high-visibility approach to our member relationships ensures the highest quality service in the industry.

The behavioral health needs of any employee group is complex and not always well understood.  Any HR professional will tell you that the majority of their time is spent on issues related to the day-to-day lives of their employees. Between 65 and 85 percent of all employee terminations are a result of personal and interpersonal factors. Even when people are able to stay on the job, there are other symptoms of these problems, like calling in sick, lack of motivation, and generally diminished productivity. EAP is a comprehensive tool that manages the concerns that lead up to real problems and provides preventative supports.


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Factors considered: absenteeism, medical costs, litigation, productivity, turnover, accidents, and short and long-term disability. Based on an assumed 20% of employees struggling at a given time.

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