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C&FS Employee Assistance Program: A partner with a personal touch

When you choose Child and Family Services EAP, you’re not only choosing the best service providers– you’re linking with your neighbors in a web of economic and social relationships.

Since 1981 Child and Family Services’ Employee Assistance Program (CFS EAP) has been providing our clients a proactive, comprehensive and cost-effective EAP benefit focused on maximizing an employer’s human capital by providing direct services to both the company and its employees. We are proud to be a local, Buffalo-based EAP and look forward to representing an optimal first-line response for problem resolution.

By working with a local EAP, companies can intervene with potential problems sooner, protecting their own frontline services while providing employees the support and individualized care they need.

C&FS Employee Assistance Program Statement of Purpose:

Child and Family Services Employee Assistance Program (C&FS EAP) supports communities and families by providing high quality, easily accessible services to its EAP members, through resilience building interventions and connection with community resources.

Guiding Principles 

The Child and Family Services Employee Assistance Program will ground all policy, procedures and decision making through a Trauma Informed Care (TIC) lens for all EAP members (organizations, employees and household members), as well as EAP staff members. We understand that trauma plays a role, in our households, communities, organizations and with employees. We strive to recognize the centrality of trauma, avoid re-traumatization, and ensure that all activities are directed by the five guiding principles of TIC, as follows:

  1. We will work to ensure both the physical, emotional and psychological safety of our members and staff. Services, in all settings (contracted organizations, EAP offices, C&FS offices, affiliate connections, etc.), will be delivered in such a way to decrease barriers (location, appointment times, physical accessibility, financial, cultural etc.) to obtaining service.  All service delivery will convey respect and compassion for EAP members, and allow for open discussion about needs and concerns between members and staff.  Specific attention will be paid to confidentiality, including record keeping and the disclosure of information involved in all service delivery.
  2. We will ensure trustworthiness through clear, consistent, culturally sensitive service delivery. Services, both benefits and limitations, will be clearly communicated, dual roles will be considered in service delivery, and staff will communicate reasonable expectations between EAP members and EAP staff. All EAP staff and program decision making will work to safeguard fiscal responsibility, in an effort to promote financial resilience and maintain the level of service necessary to support all consumers of service.
  3. We will maximize choice through all aspects of service delivery. There will be a commitment to open communication throughout the process of care, with emphasis on self-determination, excluding situations with potential safety implications. Services will be provided based on a partnership with all involved. There is recognition that healing happens in relationships and in the meaningful sharing of power and decision-making.
  4. We will deliver services based on collaboration and best available knowledge and practices. During all service delivery, strengths will be recognized, built on, and validated to help convey our understanding of the inherent value of the consumers’ experience, history and expertise. Utilizing quality assurance, quality improvement, supervision, research, training and peer support, we will maintain and develop the skills and knowledge necessary to provide superior service for all members.
  5. We will empower EAP members to have voice in the development and delivery of service. Services will focus on a commitment to open communication throughout the process of care, provided with sensitivity to cultural, historical, and gender issues and emphasize a growth oriented approach. Staff will be empowered to participate and take ownership of the program, through transparency, accountability, discussion, as well as providing and seeking input regarding program direction.


If you are a C&FS EAP member, or want to become a member, contact us to learn more!
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    I understand that this form is not for emergency use. If you need an immediate response due to an emergency or crisis, please contact Crisis Services at 716-834-3131 or call 911. By completing this form I am giving C&FS EAP permission to contact me, leaving a message if necessary, using the phone and/or email provided. All email correspondence will be via an encrypted platform for your confidentiality.

Meet our C&FS EAP Team:

Our Staff

  • Julie Loesch, Esq.


  • Megan Andrews, LCSW-R

    Assistant Director

  • Jocelyn Bos-Fisher, LCSW, CEAP

    Clinical Program Manager

  • Jennifer Schultz, LMSW


  • Conor Sweeney, LMSW


  • Kathleen Damon, LMHC, CASAC


  • Angelina Castro

    Coordinator of Administrative Services

  • Debra Goodman

    Program Coordinator

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