C&FS Employee Assistance Program

We are proud of our 40+ year history of making proactive, comprehensive, personal, and cost-effective assistance programming available to the Western New York community. We help organizations and membership programs provide support with the understanding that individual and family wellness leads to positive impacts on workplace productivity and contributes to overall community health and resilience.  We offer a range of highly rated organizational and member supports including counseling, coaching, work-life resources, seminars, trainings, organizational consultations, 24-hour crisis counseling and Critical Incident Response (CIR). Our core team includes licensed counselors, certified mediators, and certified health and wellness coaches who apply the principles of their respected disciplines to better employees physical, emotional and mental health. We are a dynamic, growing program, currently serving over 165 organizations and more than 43,000+ employees. Working with Child & Family Services, one of the largest human services organizations with deep roots in the Western New York, means that members have streamlined access to a vast network of stakeholders, programs and resources, with coordinated support.

Statement of Purpose:

Child and Family Services Employee Assistance Program and Member Assistance Program, support communities and families by providing high quality, easily accessible services to its members, through resilience building interventions and connection with community resources.

Guiding Principles 

The Child and Family Services grounds all policy, procedures and decision making through a Trauma Informed Care (TIC) lens for all members (organizations, individual and household members). We understand that trauma plays a role, in our households, communities, and organizations. We strive to recognize the centrality of trauma, avoid re-traumatization, and ensure that all activities are directed by the five guiding principles of TIC, as follows:

  1. We will work to ensure both the physical, emotional and psychological safety of our members and staff. 
  2. We will ensure trustworthiness through clear, consistent, culturally sensitive service delivery. 
  3. We will maximize choice through all aspects of service delivery. 
  4. We will deliver services based on collaboration and best available knowledge and practices. 
  5. We will empower EAP members to have voice in the development and delivery of service. 

For more information call: 716-681-4300 or

email us: contacteap@cfsbny.org

Meet our C&FS EAP Team:



Our Staff

  • Julie Loesch, Esq.

    Senior Director

  • Megan Andrews, LCSW-R


  • Angelina Castro

    Coordinator of Administrative Services and Office Manager

  • Jennifer Schultz, LMSW

    Senior Counselor & Clinical Service Supervisor

  • Marissa Desiderio, LCSW

    Senior Counselor & Organizational Services Supervisor

  • Kathleen Damon, LMHC, CRC


  • Emily Schaffstall, LMSW


  • Joanna Diamond, MS, LMSW


  • Anica Squires, LMSW


  • Maria Crist, LMSW