Critical Incident Response

Critical Incident Response

EAP is here to help you plan for and respond to a crisis.

Your response to a workplace crisis can mean the difference between employees returning to previous levels of performance quickly or prolonged impairment. Training for HR and other personnel about critical incident stress can help you prepare for such occurrences and put appropriate protocols in place.

A well­ orchestrated crisis response will ultimately strengthen an organization’s functioning and foster employee trust.

Our Critical Incident Response program allows for individual and group counseling and support.

EAP is available before, during and after a crisis. Pre-crisis consultation will help you identify organizational strengths and help plan for a potential incident. During a crisis, and after the physical safety of your employees is secured, EAP will be immediately available for consultation and planning for potential on-site Critical Incident Response. At EAP, our goal is to help re-establish a feeling of safety and stability throughout the organization.

A Critical Incident Response (CIR) may include:

  • Counseling, guidance, and appropriate support to employees and leadership
  • Facilitated group discussions and debriefing
  • Leadership support
  • Suggestions for handling possible media/press involvement

Suggested leadership approach after a crisis:

  • Listen to employees.  Hear about how they are feeling, and what questions they may have.

  • Acknowledge that any one event will likely impact employees differently.  Everyone has past experiences that shape their current experiences and recognizing the difference is important.

  • Provide information related to the event and necessary task for continued work operations.  Share facts and answer any time sensitive question about safety.  Share steps that you have taken about what happened and the process for dealing with the crisis.

  • Supply resources, including educational to address the current situation.  Please contact EAP to discuss options for support as well as educational materials. people with resources.

  • Follow up with employees regularly.  This is an important step to recognizing that the impact of the event can be lingering, and employees may require additional support.

For a Critical Incident consultation call: 716-681-4300