Making an EAP Referral

Making an EAP Referral

Understanding EAP referrals… 

The intention of the referral process is to encourage an employee who is having personal concerns that may be affecting job performance to engage with the EAP. It is the expectation that the EAP will provide objective assistance and support that may allow the employee to address their current challenges, so that they can return to their former level of acceptable performance. EAP should never be perceived as a punishment and remains, as always, a voluntary and neutral program.

Informal referral:

  • Employee calls EAP directly and confidentially to make an appointment.
  • Sometimes a manager or fellow employee will suggest that an employee contact EAP.
  • When self referring,employees have no obligation to inform their employers that they are engaging with the EAP.

Formal Referral:

  • Job performance has deteriorated and the patterns of behavior are cause for concern.
  • A supervisor/manager suggests that an employee access EAP as a means of support to correct concerns.
  • This referral is documented as per individual employer policy.

Formal-Mandated Referral: 

  • This referral is part of an employee/employer agreement, sometimes called a “last chance agreement.”
  • Mandatory referral paperwork is required, including the employee consent release form.

For consultation about your referral, please contact the EAP clinical team at 716-681-4300. We are here to support you!

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