Making an EAP Referral

Making an EAP Referral

Understanding EAP referrals… 

The purpose of an administrative referral is to facilitate connecting an employee with the EAP program for support when job performance or other personal concerns are impeding their success at work. EAP will provide objective assistance and support that will allow the employee to address their current challenges. The intended outcome will be for the employee to return to their former level of acceptable performance.

**EAP remains, as always, a voluntary and neutral program. **

Informal Referral:

  • A supervisor/manager has a concern about an employee and would like to offer the services of EAP to support possible changes.
  • The supervisor/manager will talk with the employee about their concerns and complete the referral form sharing information that could assist the EAP counselor in supporting the employee. 
  • Employee will call EAP directly and confidentially to make an appointment.
  • Employee has no obligation to inform their employers that they are engaging with the EAP but may request attendance confirmation be sent to their supervisor by signing a consent at the initial appointment.

Formal Referral:

  • Job performance has deteriorated, and the patterns of behavior are cause for concern and the employee’s job may be in jeopardy.
  • A supervisor/manager recommends that an employee access EAP as a means of support to correct concerns.
  • This referral is documented as per individual employer Human Resource policy.
  • This referral may be part of an employee/employer agreement, performance improvement plan, counseling memo or last chance agreement.
  • Completion of the below form is requested to ensure proper communication with you and the employee.

Administrative Referral Form – (completed by person referring an employee)



  1. Consult your organization’s policies & procedures and contact the Human Resources or other leaders to discuss and document this referral.
  2. Submit this form and await contact from an EAP Supervisor to review.
  3. After completing the form, you will be prompted to print out a flyer to share with the referred employee with next steps.  We request the employee reach out to C+FS EAP at 716-681-4300 and schedule an appointment. Print this flyer to share with referred employee
  4. When the appointment is made, the employee will receive an email confirming the appointment that they may share with you for confirmation of contact.
  5. C+FS EAP staff will request that the referred employee sign a consent to allow us to share attendance and compliance. If we have not obtained a signed consent by the date that the employee was expected to call and schedule, we will notify you about administrative referral closure.

Review this short video to learn more:


For consultation at any time, please contact the EAP clinical team at 716-681-4300. We are here to support you!