COVID-19 Resources

COVID-19 Resources

We are here to help with REGULAR UPDATES and TRUSTED RESOURCES during this difficult time. If you are experiencing an emergency and are in need of immediate assistance, please call 911 for police response.
COVID-19 Information 

1. 211 WNY

Phone:   Dial 2-1-1 or 888-696-9211


2. Neighborhood Legal Services

Phone:   (716) 847-0650


3. Center for Elder Law & Justice

Phone:   (716) 853-3087


Two documents prepared by the Center for Elder Law & Justice that help explain the documentation required for tenants’ and landlords’ applications: Information for Landlords and Property Owners and Information for Renters

4. The Belle Center: helping with ERAP applications. The Belle Centers provides services in both English and Spanish.

Phone:   (716) 845-0485


5. Consumer Credit Counseling Service can assist with ERAP applications.

If you are a member of C&FS EAP, call our main number 716-681-4300 and we can connect you to CCCS for up to three hours of service at no cost to you!

Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Buffalo

Phone:   (716) 712-2060


Mellowing Mind Study – University at Buffalo Mindfulness study information 2021 – Have you ever wanted to learn more about mindfulness techniques? Well here is your chance.  Take a look at the attached information and call today.  This study if providing compensation.

Conflict Resolution

Call EAP to connect with the CENTER FOR RESOLUTION FOR JUSTICE (CRJ) as part of your EAP benefit.

The Center for Resolution and Justice (CRJ) is a community-based dispute resolution program and conflict resolution and mediation skills training center. It offers a wide range of alternative dispute resolution services and conflict management and mediation training programs to individuals and organizations. CRJ’s services are designed to be alternatives to formal court proceedings for those seeking to resolve interpersonal conflicts and disputes.

Domestic Violence Resources
  • HAVEN HOUSE: Child and Family Services DV shelter and crisis line –  716-884-6000 or visit Haven House Shelter Website
    • If you’re unable to speak safely, you can visit the NDVH website or text LOVEIS to 22522.
Local Mental Health Crisis Services Hotlines
  • ERIE COUNTY: 716-834-3131
  • CHAUTAUQUA COUNTY: 1-800-724-046
Substance Use and Abuse Resources
Rental and Mortgage Assistance
  • Live Well Erie County and City of Buffalo Rental and Mortgage Assistance Program: As of 10/1/20, residents of Erie County may be eligible for rental and mortgage assistance (a grant) which may pay all or a large portion of overdue rent or mortgage payments (up to 5 months).
    • INCOME ELIGIBILITY: individuals have to show through proof of income (last 2 months of income) they are income eligible (this ranges from a family with one child at 42,000 to a family of eight at 112,000).  Individuals will also need an ID and proof of residence.
    • Individuals have to show they are unable to pay their rent/mortgage due to COVID-19, e.g. loss of work due to COVID-19, sickness (or care giving) due to COVID-19, loss of child care due to COVID-19
    • Individuals can apply online at  or, by calling 211.  211 can assist individuals in filling out the application.  Individuals who may struggle with technology or uploading documents (which is required) can make an appt. for assistance with the application by calling 211 (These appts. are at Catholic Charities, Buffalo Urban League, and the Restoration Society
Job Workforce Resources
Food Resources
Parenting Resources
Stress Reduction Resources
Erie County Bar Association
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