Our mission is to help people live their lives to the fullest potential while maintaining meaningful work. Everything we do is focused on improving the well being of the people under our care- employees and their household members.


Whatever might be concerning you or your household member, sharing thoughts with a trusted counselor is encouraged. Your EAP benefit provides you with up to 4 face to face counseling visits per concern. Through comprehensive assessment, your counselor will help you explore the nature of your issue. You might be able to resolve your concern with your counselor in just a few sessions, or, you and your counselor may decide that a referral for more specialized services is needed.

EAP counselors are experienced and professional clinicians. When you meet a counselor at one of our many convenient locations, you can trust that you are receiving excellence in clinical care. Counseling is always voluntary and confidential. EAP will not reveal your information to anyone, including your employer, without your written consent.

Crisis counseling is available, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by calling our main number, 716-681-4300.


If it is determined that you will need further or more specialized services, the EAP counselor will make arrangements for referral and follow‑up service to the most appropriate level of care within the agency and/or in the community.  Child and Family Services EAP continues its commitment to collaborating with the best resources in the area.  We have developed a network of affiliates with whom we work regularly and seamlessly to provide continuous care to our clients. Counselors will always take into consideration your means of payment, including insurance.


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