Employee Communications

Employee Communications

EAP provides regular newsletters and communication to raise awareness and provide solutions for common issues employees face. We pay close attention to trending issues around Western New York so that the topics we cover stay relevant and helpful to you!

During the Covid-19 Crisis, C&FS EAP is focusing on providing free webinars and other resources to support you and your family – please see our Helpful Resources page for a curated list of topics and resources that we know and trust. We will be re-introducing our regular newsletter when the current crisis is over; see below for links to our previous newsletters.



November 2021: Holiday Edition: Self-Care

The Benefits of Caregiving

Mindful Moment: You are NOT Alone

Mindful Moment: Maximizing Your Energy Levels

Mindful Moment: Your Mental Health Story Matters

Mental Health Awareness Month 2021 Newsletter

Mindful Moment: In the Moment Support

Mindful Moment: We Are Stronger Together

Mindful Moment: Consider an Act of Kindness Today

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Transitioning to School in Fall 2020: Keep the Focus on Skills

August 2020 Mindful Moment: Should you quit tobacco cold turkey?

Assisting Co-Workers and Employees during the COVID-19 Changes

Learn more about how to manage your reactions to stress – lets care for ourselves and others during this time of uncertainty!

EAP is debuting new telehealth services – click to get more information about how you can get support through video or telephonic counseling.

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