Winter Wellness Challenge – Week 8

What Gives You Hope?

Welcome to week 8 of the Winter Wellness Challenge.

We do not need to remind you that the past year the WNY area has been challenging. From the racially motivated mass shooting in May, to the death and destruction during the Blizzard of 2022, and the many events in between and after, there are many stories of incredible sadness and overwhelming challenge.  Also, there have been many stories of hope and inspiration.  Hope is powerful.  Damar Hamlin, his family and his Bills teammates will all agree – hope is what helped them through the trying moments and days following the January 2nd on-field injury witnessed by millions.  So, today we ask you to reflect on what gives you hope and helps you grow, even during challenge?

We invite you to watch this video and learn about what hope looks like through the eyes of others.  This may inspire you to consider what hope means to you.

What is Hope? (5 minutes)

With hope comes opportunity for growth.  In this video Dr. Carol Dweck explores what actions you can take to create an environment that fosters growth and possibility.  

Developing a Growth Mindset in Organizations – Dr. Carol Dweck (3 minutes)


This exercise is about reflection on our experiences – and exploring what gives you hope, and what you need in your life to support your growth.

We invite you to identify a recent challenging experience. Now take this opportunity to reflect on how these protective areas supported your outlook and provided hope.

Supportive people – People who gave you advice, or perhaps helped you develop a new, more helpful perspective
Strategies – Methods and approaches you implemented to deal with difficult thoughts and feelings
Sagacity – Wisdom and insights that may have been helpful
Solution-seeking behaviors – Planning, for instance, or searching for useful information

After reflecting on your current status with these areas, what are some ways in which you can add onto these protective factors?

Moving forward throughout the year, keep these protective factors in mind when dealing with challenging situations. Identify areas of growth and hope.  

“The nice thing about HOPE is that you can give it to someone else, someone who needs it even more than you do, and you will find you have not given yours away at all.” — Maya Angelou

Bonus Content:

Book 1: Black Joy

Black Joy | Book by Tracey Michae’l Lewis-Giggetts | Official Publisher ...

When Tracey M. Lewis-Giggetts wrote an essay on Black joy for The Washington Post, she had no idea just how deeply it would resonate. But the outpouring of positive responses affirmed her own lived experience: that Black joy is not just a weapon of resistance, it is a tool for resilience.


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