Winter Wellness – No Challenge Week

Managing the Stress of the Storm

Welcome to week 4 of the Winter Wellness Challenge.

The Blizzard of ’22 has been enough of a challenge this week, so we have declared this a “no challenge” week.

We sincerely hope you are out of harm’s way as you read this. The most significant challenge you have had to contend with has been to keep yourself and your loved ones safe.  Unfortunately, stress and threats to our safety take an emotional toll. Today we want to offer options for support and assistance as you manage the emotional impact this storm has had on you and your family. 

Jennifer Schultz, EAP Clinical Services Supervisor and Anica Squires, EAP Counselor offer information in the video below.  Watch:

Managing the Stress of the Storm – C&FS EAP (10 min.)

Below are the handouts Anica and Jennifer referred to in the video above:

Stressful Events: What to expect and how to help – .pdf download/print/share


Breath and Mindfulness for Stress reduction – .pdf download/print/share

If you would like to speak with an EAP Counselor this week and learn more about how you can manage your stress response, please click the link below and schedule a virtual session.  Counselors are available to provide mental health first aid, emotional support and problem solving. 

Click here to schedule a virtual appointment with an EAP Counselor this week

In addition, C&FS EAP has counselors available 24/7 for immediate telephonic support.  If you are struggling, please reach out to the main phone line at 716-681-4300.  You are not alone!

“When we encounter the stress response what we really need to do next is activate the relaxation response.” – Anica Squires, EAP Counselor

Bonus Content:

Learn and practice breath and mindfulness exercises with C&FS EAP partner Monica Zucco.

Breath and Mindfulness for Stress Reduction – Monica Zucco (30 min.)

A Conversation about Trauma and Recovery with Rana Ryan (40 min.)

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Reach out:

As always – if you would like to discuss this topic, or any other concern, please reach out to C&FS EAP to speak with one of the EAP staff.  Please call 716-681-4300 or complete the intake form here:

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