Winter Wellness Challenge – Week 1

Prioritizing Self-Care

Welcome to week 1 of the Winter Wellness Challenge.  Self-prioritizing can increase productivity at home and work. Showing up for yourself is showing up for your family, friends, and co-workers. Therefore, our first challenge is to encourage you to prioritize yourself 

The Missing Ingredient in Self Care by Portia Jackson-Preston (11 minutes)

Portia Jackson-Preston is passionate about promoting a holistic and inclusive approach to self-care. She takes into consideration how cultural and social factors may trigger one’s need for self-care and shape one’s willingness–or reluctance—to engage in self-care practices.  

Suggestions to get you started


  1. Set aside 15 minutes at the beginning or end of your day, three times this week.
  2. During this time, reflect on one of the fundamental components of self-care listed below.
  3. Identify one action step you will take that day to prioritize your self-care! 

Physical – Do you need to make an appointment for the dentist or your annual physical? Would it feel good to take a walk today without your phone?  Will you dance for 5 minutes, as if no one is looking, or maybe sing out loud to your favorite song in the car?

Psychological – Would you like to take 5 minutes to meditate? Or do you prefer to take 5 minutes at the beginning of the day to center yourself and reflect on your best hope for your day ahead?  Or do you need to make a counseling appointment to review a concern?

Emotional – How will you show compassion to yourself today? What can you do that is soothing to your neurological system? Do you want to watch a movie or a show that lifts your mood? Can you take a moment to today to hug someone you love for 20 seconds or more?

Spiritual – How do you connect with a higher power?  Can you picture yourself out in the universe, looking back at earth… and noticing where you are right now, and how large the world is? Are you part of, or would you like to join, a spiritual community?

Relational – Who do you want to spend time with today? Would you like to schedule a time to meet a friend or family member for coffee within the future?  Who makes you feel calm and fulfilled? What relationships are a priority for you?

Professional – Take a few minutes today and consider the larger purpose of the work you do.  The day to day can feel small, but when we connect our actions to the larger purpose, our work has meaning.  What part do you play in the greater purpose of your work?

Communal (the missing ingredient): What will you do to help self-care accessible and possible to others?  Will you encourage your kids/co-workers to prioritize themselves? Will you allow yourself to be vulnerable, and share your experiences with others? Are you in a position of authority and are you able to address a policy to support self-care?


Start where you are, do what you can.“- Portia Jackson-Preston


Bonus Content:

Listen to C&FS EAP’s Jennifer Schultz discuss Self-Care During Stressful Times.

Jennifer explores what happens to our bodies when we are stressed, and the keys to creating a self-care plan!  This is a must watch video.

Self-Care During Stressful Times (30 min)


As always – if you would like to discuss this topic, or any other concern, please reach out to C&FS EAP to speak with one of our staff for assistance.  Please call 716-681-4300 or complete the intake form here:

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