Winter Wellness Challenge – Week 5

Financial Wellbeing: Money Matters

Welcome to week 5 of the Winter Wellness Challenge.

When you think about wellness, finances probably aren’t the first thing that comes to mind. We know that our financial well-being has an impact on our overall well-being. Financial health is important, and, in this challenge, we are asking you to explore your money mindset and how to plan for stability and security.  

We all want to save more money — but overall, people today are doing less and less of it. Behavioral scientist Wendy De La Rosa studies how everyday people make decisions to improve their financial well-being. Watch:

3 Psychological Tricks to Help you Save Money – Wendy De La Rosa (<6 min.)

Next, learn about how to “keep your cool” when finances have you stressed.  Financial well-being more than budgeting and planning for retirement. It’s also about managing your thoughts and emotions around money. 

7 Tips from Financial Therapists for Boosting Resilience – Everyday Health (<5 min.)


Change requires that you explore your history, values and goals.  Follow these steps and start your journey of changing 

Step 1: Reflect on your financial history and upbringing.

  • What did the adults in your life teach you about money, were they spenders, savers, fearful, avoidant, responsible, informed etc.?
  • How did you approach money as a young adult?
  • When in the past did you feel that your finances were stable and secure?

Step 2: Identify your financial values – what is important to you.

  • How does money support your lifestyle?  
  • What is important to you that requires money?
  • Who in your life is a financial role-model for you, a person you could try to be like?

Step 3: Set financial goals and change your behavior.

  • Is there a something you learned from the video “3 Psychological Tricks to Help you Save Money” above?
  • What goals could you set to be more like the role-model you identified above?
  • How will you make these goals a reality – and invest in yourself?

“Making money is not a thing that you do – it is a skill you learn.” – Naval Ravikant

Bonus Content:

Amy Jo Lauber sat down with C&FS EAP to discuss how we can take control of our finances by understanding the emotion behind the spending.

Money and the Holidays (30 min.)

Explore the resources of our partners at Parachute about student loans, budgeting and identity theft. 

Parachute Credit Counseling Resources

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