Work-Life Support

Work-Life Support

Our mission is to help people live their lives to the fullest potential while maintaining meaningful work. Everything we do is focused on improving the well being of the people under our care- members and their household members.

All of the Work-Life resources listed below are included in your MAP benefit– at no cost to you!

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Financial Resources

Meet with a financial counselor for up to three (3) hours to review budgeting advice, suggestions for positive spending habits, creditor repayment plans, student loan consolidation and much more. Employees and counselors will work as a team to determine the best plan to achieve your financial goals.
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Nutrition Consultation

A Registered Dietitian or Holistic Health Coach can provide you with professional consultation regarding nutrition concerns including diet, weight management, allergies and food sensitivities, as well as meal planning.

Child Care Consultation

MAP maintains a relationship with the Child Care Resource Network to provide child care referrals and support to employees and their families. The CCRN monitors the registration of licenses for providers and advocated for high quality, accessible care. They can also provide information, education and other family services. Use this calculator from the Workforce Development Institute to see if you might be eligible for financial assistance for child care.

Elder Care Consultation

MAP will connect employees with reliable services and resources for both the senior needing support and the caregiver including information about: caregiver resources, home care options, classes for those helping older relatives or friends, navigating Medicaid/Medicare/Social Security and other benefits.


When people disagree with one another, there are options besides fighting or walking away. Mediation and conflict resolution can help. MAP partners with Child & Family Services Center for Resolution and Justice to provide mediation.  In more than 75% of the cases mediated, parties reach agreement, avoiding stress and costly legal expenses. Workplace mediation and conflict resolution can serve as a proactive approach to preventing litigation and promoting a healthier work environment.

Smoking Cessation

C&FS MAP provides referrals to best practice classes, coaching, free nicotine replacement therapy, and cessation related services, via the NYS Quitline.