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Trauma Informed Leadership

Even prior to the current pandemics and most recent community violence, employees entered the workforce with past experiences that shape how they navigate the present. A trauma-informed workplace can mitigate the impact that both past and recent adverse experiences have on employees’ well-being and ability to perform.

At the workforce level, trauma-informed practices reduce the risk re-traumatization and promote diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility. Leaders can put into practice the values and trauma-informed principles of safety, trustworthiness, choice, collaboration, and empowerment with their staff. Being trauma-informed does not require leaders to resolve an employee’s current adversity or crisis or repair what has already happened in an employee’s life. Leaders are called to be intentional about how they respond in the here and now and create workplaces that optimize an employee’s sense of psychological safety.

This session will discuss how the brain is impacted by stress and this re-activation of stress and how these changes impact wellness, productivity, and inclusion. We will explore the importance for trauma-informed practices.  Together we will operationalize the implementation of trauma-informed practices into policies, procedures, and leadership interactions using the lens of the five guiding values and principles. Lastly, the session will engage participants in a reflective activity to consider their policies and practices based on the values and principles and create the next small steps they can take directly into their work.

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Trauma Informed Leadership People Inc  – 30-minute webinar

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